Virginia/Duke Recap

So much for an “easy” Virginia win against Duke yesterday like this writer predicted.  The young Blue Devils looked every bit the championship quality team during the last five minutes, hitting several NBA-caliber three’s after Virginia seemingly had the game in hand (but two’s don’t beat three’s).  And where was the stifling Virginia defense that would certainly tire out Duke during the second half?  The Blue Devils had open looks around the perimeter during the last five minutes (perhaps Virginia was trying to collapse in on freshman star Jahlil Okafar but the three’s beat them).  And speaking of stellar Duke freshmen, kudos to guard and clutch player Tyus Jones who wanted to take the big shot at the end (and delivered).  Virginia now has a more meaningful game tomorrow night against North Carolina in Chapel Hill as the Cavaliers will want to reassert themselves with a win and prove that they should remain atop the national stage.  Since its Super Bowl Sunday and I laid an egg yesterday, I’ll say that the Seattle defense shuts down Tom Brady and beats New England “easily” today.  Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!


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