Nationals Just another Familiar Washington Sports Team

We’ve seen this story before Washington sports fans.  An over-hyped, overrated professional sports team, destined to win the championship (Redskins (2000), Capitals (2009-2012), and now the Nationals (2015) because of its plethora of can’t-miss stars and talent comes up short, well short.  Last night you could feel it if you watched the Nationals game (a 10-3 drubbing to the Brewers at home), a flat crowd, an even flatter team, coming to the fall-is-almost-here realization that they just don’t have it.  It’s a lot of things:  player chemistry, managers not connecting with the team, lack of discipline and effort, but the common thread, again, is that these teams fail to live up to wildly inflated expectations.  It’s a Washington thing.  We’re entitled to a championship therefore it must be.  Not.  What Washington needs to learn is that championships are earned, the hard way, through grueling work and effort.  Don’t let the easy life around here fool you, the beautiful vistas, the sophisticated Washington parties, the Washington media enabling you and your greatness.  You still have to work.  Maybe that’s why professional sports teams from grittier cities do better (think Pittsburgh and Baltimore), they take on the ethos of the city.  They know the only thing you can count on is work, hard work.


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