Saturday Morning Run

While going for my early Saturday morning, end-of-week ‘beauty’ run, I opted to go for my usual residential street route rather than going to a local park where I can jog around the artificial turf soccer field and imagine that I’m running around a football practice field in early August with only the sound of the crickets, getting ready for the fall season.  I didn’t jog to the park this morning because it requires crossing a busy intersection at a light.  ‘Too early in the morning to concentrate on that move,’ I thought.  Better to play it safe.  So while jogging through the sleepy residential neighborhood that I always jog through, I crossed a sleepy residential street –never cars there – no need to look.  Yeah.  A car, thankfully the car saw me or knew that I was in a totally zoned out state which I was.  They could have honked but they didn’t.  Lesson learned.  Next week I’ll jog to that park.  Better to engage a known risk than to pretend one is not there when it is.  This morning’s lesson was not over though.  While jogging back on the home stretch, I heard the shuffling of feet behind me on pavement, then next to me, then —another jogger passing in front of me.  I’m 52, but still, my competitive instincts haven’t gone away yet.  I could’ve picked up the pace, thought about it, I would’ve had to sprint at my age to catch up but then have nothing left.  That’s silly.  Thankfully I am older.  While continuing on the home stretch at my own slow, turtle-like pace, I decided that next Saturday morning I’ll not only jog to that park but I’ll pick up the pace, too.  I’ll try to anyways.  Never stop trying, always try to improve, work hard.  That’s the American way.