Back to School and Welcome Fall

As the mornings turn cooler, the days grow shorter, and the murmur of the crickets portends the change of seasons from summer to fall, we’re reminded once again that a new school year is upon us.  For us aging baby boomers on the 9 to 5 grind,  we’ll always be on the school schedule.  Maybe we’re even nostalgic for it.  The first day of school, the site and sound of those yellow school buses (still ugly and as reliable as ever).  The first week of school is always the best:  a short week following the long Labor Day weekend,  Friday night high school football, college football on Saturday, and the first Sunday pro games (along with a neighborhood afternoon pot luck block party to boot).  A new, exciting season is upon us.

Enjoy the last day of summer and the anticipation of the fall, feel better knowing the Redskins are better off with Kirk Cousins at the helm than RGIII, and hope that this murmur of a late season Nationals run (yes, the Nationals really are still playing) is not some sort of a tease to lure fans back to Nationals Park with glimmers of playoff hopes.  We’ll find out soon enough with this series against the Mets.  Have a great fall.