September Saturdays

As I look out through the screen door onto our deck, I see a light fog moving in through the hazy, green foliage of the trees.  It’s a September Saturday morning in early fall.  The ‘beauty’ run is over, the first cup of coffee is the best, and you’ve got two hours to enjoy reading the Saturday morning paper.  Can’t beat that.  Oh, and since it’s football season (the Nats died weeks ago), you’ve got a full slate of college and pro games to enjoy, not to mention the full complement of your fantasy football lineup set to go—even if they are destined to put up negative numbers.

Since I’ll always be a college football junkie, my bucket list being a night game visit to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, an October Saturday in South Bend, Indiana, with the ‘golden’ fall foliage in the background, and a New Year’s day visit to the Rose Bowl to see the southern California sun setting over the San Gabriel mountains, I’ll make a couple of predictions:

Ole Miss will not beat Alabama tonight.  This game could be close, and Ole Miss is a good team, but when I heard ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ fire up the gym rats in the locker room yesterday morning at work, I knew that was probably good karma for the Crimson Tide this weekend.

Georgia Tech will beat Notre Dame in South Bend.  Another tough call, but after a scare in Charlottesville last weekend against an inferior UVA team (and losing their starting quarterback), the Fighting Irish will fall to a quality, legitimate Ramblin Wreck football team.

P.S. I’m usually wrong about these predictions, as I am about choosing my fantasy football team on draft day, but it’s a beautiful September Saturday in early fall, the coffee’s great, and there’s hope!  Enjoy your weekend!